About us

“SMU” Smart menu is the perfect tool for restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels and other business types to provide their customers with an attractive digital menu, to help them making their order either from their own place or their own table in a few simple clicks from an online menu through digital interfaces.

there will be an ordering queue showing the status of orders before they get delivered to the respective tables, amplify your reach, inspire your audience, cut costs and save time and reduce the spread of corona virus within the current pandemic.

The idea began as a one of the solutions to cope with the existence of the global epidemic, Corona; and declaring the necessity of social distancing, and urging the world to adapt to the new conditions, so the work team began to find and develop solutions.

Quick food quality feautures

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Online Payment

SMU allows online payment to facilitate and improve services, making the customer completely comfortable using his personal phone only


SMU works to support delivery services to facilitate all services through a single digital interface

Food Court

SMU Food Court services make ordering easy, fast, and allow ordering from multiple restaurants at the same time, which helps increase sales and customer convenience.


Our Drive Thru solutions pave the way for a new customer experience along with improved service productivity in all windows, resulting in faster service, greater order accuracy and increased profitability.